La Borne Creuse, convenient, useful and reliable

Active in the areas of small digging and leveling work, garden maintenance en lawnmowing, demolition and cleaning, removal and transport of waste (yard) for individuals and professionals. All equipment with a mini excavator Kubota and Bobcat.

Mini excavator rental with driver. If necessary, we will implement the heavier material.

Excavation for drainage, a car parking, a pond or fire water basin, equalization of your lot, a courtyard, a terrace, a road ditch or petanque-course. From the initial plans to completion through the equalization of the ground and including the supply and transportation of gravel materials if desired.

Garden maintenance like mowing lawns or mowing regular or occasional basis, cutting of trees, hedges trimming,, removing brambles and elimination of weeds, cutting lawns and landscaping. We provide fencing and ensure their installation.

As for the transportation of materials - such as gravel, wood or rubbish - we have a truck (3 sides moving) and various trailers.

Démolition des ruines, un abri de jardin devenu inutile, d'anciens bâtiments, une piscine ou un bloc de granit : si vous avez quelque chose à démolir, nous nous en occupons. Les déchets ou d'autres matériaux peuvent aussi être enlevés.

A ruïne, redundant garden shed, old leanons or a swimming pool or scrap granite. If you want it demolished we are there. The waste and other material can be also removed. Furthermore we can assist clearing houses.

Demolition of ruins, a useless garden, old buildings, a swimming pool or a block of granite: If you have something to be demolished, we are dealing with it. Waste or other materials can also be removed.

Furthermore you can contact us to cleare out houses.